3 Pack Arma Mask
3 Pack Arma Mask
3 Pack Arma Mask
3 Pack Arma Mask

3 Pack Arma Mask

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Get a pack of 3 antimicrobial masks!
Tired of your face mask not fitting your nose right, being hard to breathe through, or it simply does not seem to work for you?

We feel you so that is why we have developed our very own Arma Shield- using 3 layers of protection and comfort. The fabric has embedded technology that integrates silver particles that are antimicrobial and moisture wicking.

Our Arma Shield design makes it convenient and easy to roll down your mask when you do not need and it pull back up when you do. It also provides you additional protection from UV sunlight covering your face from your nose all the way to your neck!

While a scarf can loosen and come undone from how it was initially wrapped, our Arma Shield will stay secure; A good benefit to the user is hands free usage. It won’t loosen unless you manually adjust it. 

Sizing-Length by Width (when extended):

  • Kids- 6" x 4"
  • Small/Medium-6.5" x 6"
  • Large/XL-7.5" x 6.5"

It is great to use in the summertime to keep out annoying insects such as chiggers, ants, mosquitoes, ticks, flies, etc.

    • In addition to evaporating moisture and feeling cool to the touch, our masks are designed to prevent your glasses from fogging up thanks to an adjustable (and invisible) nose piece. Our masks come in a selection of colors and sizes to meet your needs!
    • You can use our masks to protect you year-round from wind, dust, microbes and bacteria in the air.
    • The materials we use to make our mask meet demanding athletic performance and quality tests.
    • The Arma Shield provides better protection than most homemade fabric masks using 3 layers of filtration and antimicrobial fabric. Get yours today!
    • Wearing cloth face coverings is important in public settings where socially distancing is hard to do, this is especially important for limiting community based transmission. By each doing our part to limit the spread we can #flattenthecurve 
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    • Disclosure:
      • Wearing a mask has been recommended by the CDC to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.
      • The face cover should not be used in any surgical setting or where significant exposure to liquid, bodily or other hazardous fluids may be expected; or in a clinical setting where the infection risk level through inhalation exposure is high.