About Us

Suyana is a wearable tech company that designs products with an eye for coping, data, and adornment. Giving you power over your mental health and personal growth.
We are the embodiment of a peaceful evolution.

Adorn. Enhance. Thrive.

Thrive with responsive garments & gadgets; echoing our biometrics & enhancing our connections. 

Marriage between data & adornment. Human & device ecosystem integration.
Valeria Fuentes; co-founder of Suyana

Valeria Fuentes

Co-Founder of Suyana

She was born in Bolivia but raised in Baltimore. She is a multidisciplinary artist and designer, cultural producer, and arts educator.

She also runs a platform for immigrants called Roots & Raíces which aims to highlight, support, and celebrate immigrants through the arts in Baltimore.

She received a BFA in Architectural Design and an MA in Social Design at the Maryland Institute College of Art. As part of the board of Baltimore Votes she also engages on work around civic engagement and voting in Baltimore City.

Ava Pipitone; co-founder of Suyana

Ava Pipitone

Co-Founder of Suyana

CEO of HostHome.community

Founding Team Member of Aashna Living

Embodying peaceful evolution, they scale tools to thrive in a world of design for a non-existent normative. Focusing on the untapped potential of our communities, Ava leverages their experience founding companies to permeate markets and reorganize how systems are accessed and deployed. 

“What would happen if every human on the planet could unlock their genius and contribute? I believe there is an economic, cultural, and planetary incentive to reduce systems friction at every dimension of society. Suyana starts with the human system and cultivates individuals’ abilities to echo their coherent contributions to the collective genius of our species. Aashna is that intergenerational eco-conscious community that develops the physical spaces needed. And HostHome holds those in need on their journey home. 

“I plant seeds and assemble teams of gardeners to steward their growth. I believe we are here to find harmony and fully express our inner peace. We are the embodiment of peaceful evolution.”

Isabelle Malouf; co-founder of Suyana

Isabelle Malouf

Co-Founder of Suyana

Originally born in Boston Massachusetts, Isabelle began her healing journey at the age of 13 and identifies as a survivor of childhood trauma and the mental health industrial complex.

In recent years, Isabelle obtained her BS from the University of Mary Washington in Biology where she also minored in Chemistry and did undergraduate research in toxicology. Before joining Suyana Isabelle was a researcher at Johns Hopkins University in the Transgenic core and taught high school science in South Carolina with Teach For America. Making scientifically informed mental health resources more accessible is a passion that comes from Isabelle’s experience healing from her own childhood trauma and experiencing the lack of neuroexpansive resources and spaces outside of traditional talk therapy.